Monday, May 27, 2013

Whistling Gardens Botanical Gardens & Retail Garden Centre

On Saturday afternoon we went to Whistling Gardens Botanical Gardens & Retail Garden Centre.  Bruce spent a while walking around the retail garden centre.  When he finished he said "If I had more money, more space & a truck, I would be taking half the plant material home with me."  I think he was impressed.

We were there for a presentation on the partnering of a Horticultural Therapy program with Whistling Gardens.  After the presentation we went on a tour of the Botanical Gardens.

This is the newest arrival at Whistling Gardens along with pheasants, doves & ring-necked doves.  The pair of swans will make their home on the man-made lake.
Royal Mute Swan
Man-made Lake
View looking back to the bridge & amphitheatre area
Here are some of the plant material and vistas of Whistling Gardens.  We both really enjoyed the tour of the gardens.

 The rock/alpine garden was incredible with all the plants growing in the rocks.  It is nearly 1 acre in size.

Weeping Nootka in background.
Weeping Nootka
Conifer Garden
General view across the Botanical Gardens
 First picture is an up close shot of the purply blue cones of a fir.

This structure in the middle of the gardens is actually not finished yet.  On those four posts at each corner there will be domes placed.  This is going to look magnificent.
Love this structure!
Another structure with a view down a walkway.
On right side is Monument Maple, it has no branches
 Weeping Redbud

Espaliered trees in background
Weeping spruce also trained into a wall.

Whistling Gardens
698  Concession 3, Wilsonville, ON

The gardens & garden centre are open 9:30 am - 5 pm, 7 days a week including holidays.
Open from 1st weekend in April until last weekend in October

Whistling Gardens mission statement is:
To establish an internationally recognized destination attraction, featuring exclusive contributions to our plant collections.  focusing on new and viable ornamental plants for today's gardens with a special emphasis on conifers.

Employ innovation and technology in the pursuit of research activities in horticultural, evaluating plant species and cultivars, with emphasis on new plant cultivars and rare species for ornamental and/or commercial use.

To share knowledge in botany and horticulture, by cultivating an appreciation for our natural environment, through education workshops, seminars and guided tours.

Provide a social, unique and accessible experience in a natural environment to be enjoyed by all ages.

Explore 20 acres of colour and plant material at Whistling Gardens with many more acres to come.  The potential of these gardens is phenomenal.  Keep up the good work Darren!

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