Monday, May 20, 2013

Planting on May 24th Weekend

May 24th weekend started on Friday for us.  Planting our containers has always been a priority when it comes to the May 24th weekend. 

Bruce potting up the Dracena spike into a larger pot.
We were in Hamilton on Thursday and when in Hamilton it is only a stones throw away to go to Plains Road, Burlington to the Ikea store.  We love Ikea especially the frozen yogurt.  At Ikea we decided to look at outdoor planting pots, we needed a few more pots as some of our older ones were cracked or broken.

Two tall plastic pots planted for the front porch
View of the front porch from further back in the driveway.
Hardy Banana in the brown pot, not leafed out yet.
The plants in this container are Gerbera 'Fireball' & marcardonia.  It is supposed to trail so it should be really nice trailing over this pot.  This pot was on our front porch for quite a few years along with its mate.  It is ceramic & one was accidentally broken and we have not been able to find another one.  It is now placed at the entrance of the side gate.

Gerbera 'Fireball' & marcardonia
This is the view of the pot from our patio
Fernleaf peony in bloom

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