Monday, June 24, 2013

What's Blooming in our Garden!

These clematis are Ray Evison Clematis'.  I love these clematis.  Bruce has them potted in a container, & placed on a black crate against the wrought iron trellis on the back fence.  It looks absolutely wonderful. 
Hyde Hall Clematis

This lavender blue clematis -- Cezanne -- is in front of the other matching wrought iron trellis on the back fence.   These overwintered in their pots just sunk in the vegetable garden.

Cezanne Clematis

This clematis is beside the patio table.  There were two clematis planted there originally.  They both struggled to survive.  One of them died & this year this one had just taken off.  It is beautiful.  It's in a square wrought iron trellis with an obelisk inside.  The clematis is climbing inside.

This clematis was struggling planted by the back fence.  Bruce potted it up into a container & now it is growing like a weed.

Friday, June 21, 2013

City Workers Strike Again!

As you know we back onto a city park, and we all know how city workers weed whip the perimeter of a city park.  You have to protect your fence posts with Fence Armor.
Well I am not sure how you would protect your 1x6 fence boards.

How would you protect your 1x6 fence boards from this kind of damage due to weed whippers?

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Our Tomatoes

Bruce ate the first tomato of the season about a week ago.  Our 'Sweet Baby Girl' tomato from PC Garden Centre that's in a container has lots of fruit on the vine.  I ate the second tomato of the season.  It was extremely yummy!!  I am really looking forward to tomato season!

Sweet Baby Girl tomatoes
Sweet Baby Girl cherry tomatoes
Sweet Baby Girl tomato loaded with fruit.
More fruit waiting to ripen.
I am really looking forward to what I call 'Tomato Season'.  I love summer between the tomatoes, & fruit. 

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Mirror, Mirror On The Wall. Part 2

Bruce has been playing with mirrors again in the garden.  This wrought iron mirror he found for $5 at a garage sale we just happened to stop at.  He came home, painted it, waterproofed it and hung it on the fence.  This one is between the wrought iron trellis' he found down the street and lugged home.

Mirror on fence between the wrought iron trellis
Beside the patio table

Reflection of garden