Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Got Mulch? Part 2

Once the mulch was dumped onto our driveway, then comes the task of moving it to where you want it.  This took both Saturday afternoon and most of the day Sunday.  What a job!!

Bruce loading up the wheelbarrow with mulch.
Getting close to the end of the pile!
We made a walkway with the mulch along the fence beside the neighbours property.  The grass that was there did very poorly as it is far too wet. Those plants in the corner are bog plants, cannot remember the name of them. 

Walkway made with mulch.
Too wet to grow any grass here.
We back onto a city park--have you seen the state of city parks lately?.  This is our back fence.  This area was infested with weeds and we could not keep ahead of them.  We ripped out the weeds and remaining grass and decided to put in a mulch walkway.

Walkway made here as well.
Fence backs onto a city park.
Another area for the mulch we got, as at this time we were running out of space to put the mulch.  This is an area for mulch storage.  If we need mulch for any other area we can take from here.  These are the bog plants.  They grow wonderfully here as it is extremely wet.

Mulched gardens
Mulch around the hostas at the edge of our patio and beside our neighbours to the east

More mulched gardens
This is just a sampling of the gardens we mulched.  With 4 cubic yards of mulch, we mulched EVERYTHING!!

Yet another mulched garden

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