Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Edible Front Yard -- Book Review


Each gardener has their individual style of gardening, in short we garden to the best of our abilities.  The "Edible Front Yard" by Ivette Soler gives numerous suggestions for the gardener to adapt to their own personal needs.

The idea most prevalent in the "Edible Front Yard" is the old idea of mixed edible plants and non-edibles to add colour, texture and of course functionality to the home garden.  Many plants in the "Edible Front Yard" are not hardy here or our growing season is not long enough.  Here you adapt their function in the garden with suitable plants to mimic them.  eg. growing citrus is not practical on many levels for me, so I use a hardy orange tree in my garden.  You can also winter some tropical effects so I winter a banana tree.  You can also surprise many people as I do with a hardy cactus.  My wife has never like the cactus, so it can stay.  I just have to trim it with a spade to control the size.
You should also consider local by-laws and the neighbours before you turn your front yard into edibles.  In my area the city could come in and harvest your front garden right down to the soil.  The neighbours might think I am now unemployed and desperate to have enough to eat.  This is all a good idea as long as you do not go overboard. eg: photo on pg 178.

The growing information is basic but the photographs really tell the story.  Enjoy these photographs especially the best photograph in the book on pg 152 of the lovely Lola.