Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Nessie Needed a Hat!

On Sunday, Bruce decided Nessie needed a hat for the summer sun!  She had a Santa hat for the winter so why not a summer one as well.  I came around the corner of the house and found him putting his old Tilley Endurable hat on Nessie--the one that shredded when put in the washer on gentle cycle. (The Tale of the Tilley Endurable Hat)  They asked if he wanted it returned when they shipped him a new one.  Of course he said Yes!

Taken from the corner of the house
He stuffed the hat with plastic bags so the top will keep its shape as her head does not fit in the hat.  He then anchored it down to the frame as well as tying strap under her chin.

Stuffing the hat with plastic bags.
Anchoring the hat to the frame.

Here they both are in their Tilley Endurable Hats.
Bruce & Nessie in their Tilley Endurable Hats

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