Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Tomato Planting, May 2013

On Sunday, May 5, 2013 we decided it was so nice we would plant our tomatoes.  Yes it is far too early as there is chance of frost till May 25th in this area.  We have individual greenhouses for each tomato plant so they are protected from frost and we get a longer growing season.  Since doing this, we have never had a bad year for tomatoes, only great and good!

The tomatoes planted this year are the PC Grafted Tomatoes 'Mighty Mato' The varieties are Grafted Indigo Apple, Grafted Bumblebee Purple, Grafted Brandywine & Grafted Big Beef.  We also planted 2 Golden Honey Bunch cherry tomatoes.  We have another 2 tomatoes to plant but they are going in containers.

We have one tomato that only has the individual greenhouse around the base of the plant.  There is no lid, that's because it is already too big.  If there is a chance of frost we will just have to cover it.  It's only one plant so that's not too bad.  That variety is Grafted Big Beef.

Definitely looking forward to summer and tomato season!!

Tomatoes planted May 5, 2013
Individual Greenhouses
Individual Greenhouses with lids on.


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