Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Another Planting Day

This time it was not Bruce or myself doing the planting.  There is no 'Little Red Hen' syndrome in our home.  You want specific veggies you plant as well.  The girls have helped plant from the time they were small.

Swiss Chard to be planted in this container.
Taking a break!
Swiss Chard was planted in the middle pot,
sunflowers were planted in the rest of the containers

Looking toward the patio table.
Patio with planted containers looking great!
It's going to look like a jungle at the end of the season!

Clematis in containers in the garden
in front of the wrought iron trellis
The planted containers on the patio
Allium in bloom in the back garden by the fence.
Clematis in container in front of the wrought iron trellis
When the plant in front of the clematis grows,
you will not see the black crate

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