Saturday, March 2, 2013

Fairy Gardening Creating Your Own Magical Miniature Garden -- Book Review


Fairy Gardening Creating Your Own Magical Miniature Garden by Julie Bawden-Davis & Beverly Turner is a whole new area of gardening for me.  Miniature gardening is the latest trend in gardening.  Fairy and miniature gardens have been made fun of with comments like "It's like playing with dolls."   It is not in that there is a living component.  Fairy &  miniature gardening can be done indoors, outdoors or both, just as we do with some tropical plants that only summer outdoors.  The cool thing about this type of gardening is that it is portable.  You can move it to a table or to an area where you are partying.  It can be added to a quiet nook where relaxation and conversion with a friend is the purpose of the garden.  Some people have their fairy or miniature garden mirror their home garden.  In the miniature garden it is so easy to rearrange the plants, furniture, fairies chickens, roosters, bicycles or even a whole stream.  In the fairy or miniature garden you can have watering cans, tools wheel barrows, urns, bird feeders, gazebos, arches, fences, bridges adirondak chairs, stepping stones, and gazing balls.  There are many accessories to use in a miniature garden.  I also thought you could have a toy soldier garden or a seasonal garden.  I would like to have  a toadstool garden with morels and houses in the larger mushrooms.  The Fairy Gardening Creating Your Own Magical Miniature Garden book by Julie Bawden-Davis & Beverly Turner from Skyhorse Publishing will teach you landscaping skills, give you ideas and encourage you to be imaginative.  It is also a gardening activity where your children can participate in .  You can even have them create their own fairy or miniature garden.  This is a great book with numerous inspirational colour pictures.