Monday, May 6, 2013

Toronto Botanical Gardens

While Bruce was at the President's Choice Insiders Report Garden Edition Media Event, I was walking around the Toronto Botanical Gardens.  It was an absolutely beautiful day and I think that a lot of Toronto had the same idea.  Parking was a nightmare as there was the PC Media event, along with a film crew taking up a lot of the parking lot.  They actually had 2 people directing traffic in the parking lot as parking spaces were at a premium.  We got a parking space in the second row which was really great.  Not too far to walk to load up the car with all the plants we got from the PC event.

Looking up the stream to the waterfall

Love this waterfall
Looking up from the valley
Another view of looking up
Saucer Magnolia
White Magnolia in the background

Magnificent White Magnolia

White Magnolia flower
Very busy day at the TBG
I am not really fussed about Forsythia but this is beautiful.


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