Thursday, May 23, 2013

Fence Armor

We love our Fence Armor! & it is really standing up to the wording on the box - Protect your fence posts from damage caused by powered edgers.  Our back fence backs onto a city park.  We all know how the city workers weed whip the perimeter of the city parks.

With the grade changes of the park behind us, we decided to put a couple of fence armor on this fence post.  With only one fence armor to protect the fence post, it didn't look to be enough.  Well we were proven right!  See the pictures below.  This is the damage done to the fence armor on the city park side of the fence post. If we didn't have the fence armor, that damage would have been done to our fence post!

Two Fence Armor  installed onto one fence post.
Both Fence Armor were even when installed.
Fence Armor protected our fence posts
This is the post we decided to add another Fence Armor too.  Most of our fence has only one Fence Armor but this one, because of the grade change has two.  So glad we did!

Here is the review I did in September 2010 when we got the Fence Armor


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