Monday, August 30, 2010

Guelph Trial Garden 2010 - Bruce's Picks

These are Bruce's picks from the Guelph 2010 Trial Garden.

Ageratum Artist Rose


Caryopteris Snow Fairy

Eryngium Sunny Jackpot

Petunia Black Velvet

Petunia Hurrah Blue Veined

Petunia Sanguna Blue 11

Petunia Sanguna Lipstick

Zinnia Magellan Ivory

Zinnia Magellan Yellow

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Guelph Trial Garden 2010 - Juleigh's Picks

These are Juleigh's picks from the Guelph 2010 Trial Garden.

Echinacea PowWow
Left - White: Right - Wild Berry

Verbena Aztec 'Blue Velvet'

Echinacea 'Magnus'
Still a great looking & performing plant.

Amaranthus Mira
This plant will never make it into our garden, Bruce calls it 'old fashioned' but I think it is cool looking!!

Hibiscus Luna Rose

Rudbeckia Goldsturm
Still a great performing plant!!

Echinacea Summer Sorbet

Kniphofia Peachy Cheaks

Verbena Empress Red

Echinacea Warm Color Shades

Brassica Lucir White
Another plant that will not make it into our yard but is rather cool looking!

Cyperus King Tut
We have this in our 'Instant Water Garden' (a water garden in a container)

Calibrachoa Caberet Deep Blue

Echinacea Razzmatazz
Still the ugliest plant on earth!!
You can tell I do not like Razzmatazz. Doesn't the plant look ratty??

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Magnolia Scale

Magnolia Scale is the bane of the Ontario Pesticide ban. There is now nothing to control Magnolia Scale except for power washing (you know the cost of water) & insecticidal soap. (more water)

This is what our driveway looked like after the Magnolia was power washed. Notice the white specks, those are Magnolia Scale & yes they are still alive & moving!!

The black on the leaves is Sooty mould. This is a fungus that is the result of Magnolia Scale.

Poor Gardening Practices

These are examples of poor gardening practices.

You should not allow any vine to climb up a tree. The aerial roots penetrate the bark.

Another poor gardening practice. You should NEVER & I mean NEVER leave stubs when pruning any plant. This can cause rot, disease & death of the plant.