Sunday, May 6, 2012

Planting Day, May 6, 2012

Today was 'Planting Day' at our house.  Yes it is technically too early to plant in Southern Ontario but the soil temperature was 65 degrees F & that was 8 inches down.  We did plant the tomatoes but added the protection of individual greenhouses.

We left 2 spots for the tomatoes from Tree & Twig when we planted the tomatoes today.  We planted 10 plants, 8 tomatoes & 2 peppers.  The quantities and varieties are 2 Carolina Gold, 2 Golden Honey Bunch, 2 Ultra Sweet, 2 Marianna & 2 Kapelo peppers.  We left space for 1 Snow White & 1 Black Prince.  I am sure Bruce will pick up one more at Tree and Twig so there is a little space at the back of the vegetable garden.

My 'Hired Help' did all the planting and decided to plant some of the plants we have.  They were planted into a strawberry urn because that way we can bring them to under the eaves if there is chance of frost.  Bruce planted PC Honey Bee Petunia in the strawberry urn.  It looks wonderful.

The tray is the plants before they were planted in the strawberry urn.  The urn is on top of another clay pot so that it is higher in the garden and can be seen from the patio.

We actually got the youngest member of the family fertilizing all the perennials, small flowering shrubs & miniature roses.

I told Bruce we didn't have enough pots so he got the ones we have out of the garage and put them in the backyard for when he does the planting in the next couple of weeks.  Do you think we have enough?

This is the Cordyline that we planted  in a container last year.  Bruce put it in the garage to see if it would come over the winter.  Maybe it was the mild winter we had but it does look good!!

More planting days to follow!!

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