Monday, May 21, 2012

What's Blooming & More Planting

What's blooming in our garden?  Quite a few things.  The weather had cooled off for a while so everything in the garden is really on time. 

This is a clematis that is in our herb garden climbing up an obelisk.  There are 2 clematis', one is called 'Josephine' that didn't do well over winter but is coming back from the ground.  This one has lost its tag so we do not know its name.  It is doing really well.

The Rhododendron in our front yard is looking spectacular.  This one is called 'Shams Ruby' & it is always gorgeous in the spring.

This Acer Palmatum dissectum 'Crimson Queen' is doing really well.  I am thrilled as it took me 18 years to get this plant.  I won a gift certificate from a nursery & used it towards the Japanese maple which is now called 'Freddy' 

Here 'Freddy' looks great under the Metasequoia glyptostroboides & behind the golden globe cedars.  The bigger golden globe cedar is 'Sunkist' & the smaller one is a golden globe cedar

Bruce & I went to Sunshine Express one night after work last week.  We went to get English Ivy to plant on Nessie.  He found the English Ivy & then I decided to have a look down the vegetable aisle.  Well that was a mistake.  We ended up with 2 more tomato plants with nowhere to plant them.  They have ended up in containers.  The ones we bought were 'Solar Power' & 'Black Pearl Hybrid' both are from Burpee.  This was after we had been to Tree & Twig and bought the tomatoes we ordered, but of course Bruce cannot leave without looking at others.  We ended up with 'Snow White', 'Black Prince' & 'Stupice'. 

 These are 'Snow White' & 'Black Prince' from Tree & Twig.  We had made space for them, but the 'Stupice' had to go into a container because of no room left in the vegetable garden. 

 Bruce did some repotting of the herb container plus he added the basil he got from Canada Blooms.  It looks great.  The last container went out to be recycled. 

The little plaque in the container is the saying 'Gardeners Know The Best Dirt'.  One of the girls bought that for Dad's garden many years ago at a garage sale.

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