Monday, May 14, 2012

Another Planting Day, May 13, 2012

Today was another planting day at our house.  Yes, it may be Mother's Day but that day is not celebrated in our house.  Mother's day is EVERYDAY!!  LOL!!  I spent a good portion of the afternoon in the front yard, hand pulling the weed veronica.  It has a very pretty blue flower but in the lawn it is not good.  This is the gift our neighbours have bestowed on us.  Ontario has a pesticide ban so you cannot use any chemicals on the lawn for getting rid of weeds so Bruce boasts he as a 'Weed Lady' that hand pulls all his weeds.  Guess who that is?  You got it ME!!  He even bought me a Dandelion digger a few years ago for digging out dandelions.  I don't think I will be put out of my job!!

These are the trays of plants that we needed to plant today.  We did get some of them done but not all.  Bruce started by re-potting the PC Hibiscus Tricolour -- 3 different coloured hibiscus with their stems twisted together.  He didn't take the hibiscus out of the pot just sunk the whole pot into another one.  This is because they have to be brought in for the winter.  We do not have a lot of room.  The hibiscus will have to go into the dining room so we don't want to have to bring in an enormous pot.  That goes for the PC Gardenia Standard & the PC Mandevilla Bi-colour.  Around the bottom of the plant Bruce planted annuals, sunshine impatiens & geraniums.  The pot they are planted in is an imitation plastic clay pot.

PC Gardenia Standard with Mango Sunshine Impatiens

PC Hibiscus Tricolour with geraniums

 He then went on to plant some of the other containers.  The yellow container is a Lego container minus the lid.  It was going out to the garbage when I rescued it as I thought we didn't have enough containers for our planting spree this year.  Bruce drilled holes in the bottom for drainage and now we have another planting container.  Remember to reuse before anything else.  You will never look at a container the same again!!

Here it is planted with geraniums.  The variety is 'Rocky Mountain Red' so the colour contrast is going to be phenomenal.  

A few of the pots finished and along the path.


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