Thursday, May 17, 2012

Favourite Container of 2011

This was our all-time favourite container of Summer 2011.  We loved the Gryphon Begonia hybrida.  It is the variegated large leaves.  The Cordyline in the middle of the pot is a little overwhelmed by the Gryphon but that was a great combination.  It did not survive the winter but we are hoping to find some more for this summer's containers.

This is the PC Red Cordyline & Gerberas that did survive the winter in our garage.  Not sure why, must be because of the mild winter we had.  They look great!!

Summer 2011 urn of Cordyline & Gerberas
Same plant combination re-potted because the white urn broke
 The white urn picture is the container from summer 2011 that came over the winter in our garage.  The urn fell and broke so Bruce had to re-pot the plants into the plastic imitation clay pot. 

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