Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Another Planting Day, May 13, 2012 - continued

 Another planting day at our house, continued.  Bruce then planted the hanging baskets into urns.  We like to re-pot them into urns for our patio.  The garden has evolved over the years and has mostly perennials etc in the borders.  The annuals go into containers and urns so they can be moved around the patio.  You can plant different plants each year as well. 

This is one plant that is growing on Bruce.  I did not like it at first but I must admit it seems to be growing on me as well.  This is Suncatcher Pink Lemonade Petunia.  To me yellow plants look chloritic -- when plants go yellow they are sick.  This petunia has a pink tinge to it which is rather pretty.  Bruce planted both of these Suncatcher Pink Lemonade Petunias in matching black pots.  They look rather good.

 Both of these are hanging baskets that were re-potted into urns.  We did not change anything, just re-potted.  Annuals are Rocky Mountain Pink Geraniums, Verbena Lanai Twister Pink & Callie Purple and White Calibrachoa.  They are called  'Bursting with Pinks'

Bruce re-potting the tropicals, PC Hibiscus Tricolour, PC Gardenia Standard & PC Mandevilla Bi-colour.  In the closeup photo you can actually see the black pot that the mandevilla is still in.  He just sunk the whole pot into another pot so we can bring in a smaller container for the winter.  This is an experiment so we will have to see how it works.

 Last but not least he planted the hanging basket fuschias into pots as well.  These fuschias are day-neutral which means that they do not need any particular day length to bloom.  There are hundreds of blooms on them.  I like fuschias but can never seem to get them to bloom.  I will love these.  I am not sure whether I like the pink or the red better, only time will tell.  The Lysimachia nummularia 'aurea' in the first pot came over the winter in the pot outdoors with no winter protection so Bruce decided to leave it there.

The strawberry urn of Honey Bee Petunias is settling in really well.  It is starting to look good.

Bruce also managed to find a place for my geocaching stepping stone.  Looks great in the the mulch

I really like the way Bruce positioned the plants on the path.  I am getting excited about gardening and summer.


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