Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Nessie Topiary Green Piece Wire Art -- Product Review

Bruce has been coveting 'Nessie' for quite some time.  He finally broke down and bought Nessie for our garden.  It is still in the box at the moment as we all have to agree where Nessie will be placed in the front garden.  Bruce wants to put it in the middle of the front lawn but we will see.  He is also not sure whether he will be getting another hump.  I am not sure what the neighbours will think, but that's ok as guests to our house say, we don't need to know your house number, we just drive down the street and look for the garden!!  Will post pictures when we have decided where to put Nessie.
Mossed Nessie

Update: April 22, 2011
Bruce has ordered another hump for Nessie.  This will make her even longer.  This should be interesting!!  The hump arrived yesterday, April 29, 2011.

Update:  May 21, 2011 
It's official.  Directions to our house.  Just look for the house with a Loch Ness Monster on the front lawn!!
Nessie has officially been set in place in the lawn & anchored.  She is going NOWHERE!!

Nessie was placed on our front lawn & positioned with all family members in attendance.  Once she was anchored there was no changing your mind!  Bruce spray painted around Nessie so we knew exactly where to put her.  The tail & second hump were anchored.

Bruce anchoring the tail 

Bruce putting the finishing touches on Nessie

Nessie still needing a few finishing touches.  
Decided we didn't like the gills looking like ears so changed those.

Official Pic of Nessie on our front lawn.

Now is the hard part!! What to plant on her & if we are going to leave her in the lawn or make her part of a garden.  Time will tell!!

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