Friday, April 1, 2011

Fiskars SmartPower™ Propane 4-cycle Trimmer -- Product Review

Update: July 29, 2011
There is a recall on the Fiskars SmartPower Propane 4-cycle Trimmer.  

Fiskars Canada, Inc. Voluntarily Recalls SmartPower Propane Trimmers

Fiskars SmartPower Propane 4-cycle Trimmer
Bruce has the Fiskars SmartPower Propane 4-cycle Trimmer still in the box in the garage. He is NOT opening it yet as he will be wanting to use it. He is getting itchy fingers but it is definitely TOO early to start trimming anything!
Review to follow when the weather is better!

Update:  April 11, 2011
The Fiskars smart power line trimmer has a 25cc 4 cycle can deliver 40% more power than an electric trimmer and 6 times more power than battery trimmers.
On one of the short stubby propane tanks will last 85 % on one tank of gasoline engine models and two times longer than battery trimmers. There is no priming, no chocking, and no flooding.  The Fiskars Smart Power trimmer has a sealed fuel systems so there is no evaporative emissions of hydrocarbon pollutants.
The Fiskars Smart Power Line trimmer has a trim line that is twisted for added strength, durability and a quieter cut. Its cut width is 17 inches wide. The head can be turned to trim a vertical edge.  The trimmer head also has bump and go technology to feed the line.
The trimmer must be stored in the horizontal position once the SAE 10W30 oil is added to the engine. You need to read the manual.
I have just assembled the Fiskars Smart Power Weed Trimmer / Line Trimmer you should follow the instructions even though you will only need a Philips screwdriver for the five bolts, two nuts and two screws. The hardest part I found was the two screws to secure the handle. This was only because a second person holding it would be helpful. I can hardly wait to pull that cord. Buurrrrrrrrrrrrrrroom!

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