Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Grow Plants in Pots -- Book Review

Grow Plants in Pots covers the selection basics of pots, growing media, location and general care. This can be expected, what was not expected was the wide variety of plant material it covers.  This book covers fruit trees, trees, broad-leaf evergreens, herbs, perennials,citrus, houseplants, orchids and small water gardens.
Obviously not all varieties in this book can be grown in  your area.  Some plants are best for summering outdoors while others may need to be sunk or buried in the garden for winter with a heavy winter mulch.
Again this book sets a high standard for photography--I only found one photograph of a missed named plant, that being Yucca filmentosa 'Bright Edge' on page 67.  The photograph is actually Yucca filmentosa 'Golden Sword'  The only difference in the varieties is the variegation in the leaf --even so the photographs combined with its good information, this is a good cost effective book to add to yours and  my library.

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