Friday, April 22, 2011

The Kitchen Garden Cookbook -- Book Review

This cookbook is set up differently than others.  It has the recipes set up by season and then by edible plant.  This makes it easy to flip to the vegetable or fruit you are ready to harvest of if you decide to cheat a little, the grocery store.  At the beginning of each new plant recipe section it tells you when to pick, how to store fresh, how to preserve, and how to freeze.  Also a large section on 'Techniques' at the end of each season with advice on things like oven-drying fruits, making freezer jam, how to dry herbs and preserving in oil.
One of the most important features about this cookbook is the ingredients are typical kitchen items.  In The Kitchen Garden Cookbook there are a few exceptions but most recipes are simple enough and look and sound delicious.  

It is very knowledgeable with many recipes for all types of fruits and vegetables.
Daughter #1

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