Thursday, May 5, 2011

Craftsman Riding Lawn Mowers, Walk Behind Lawn Mowers - Sears Media Day

When the Niagara Region was being battered by the wind storm on April 28, 2011, Bruce was being chauffeured to Hasquvarna in Mississauga for the Sears Media day.

Fun Wow! The fast track Craftsman Riding Lawn mower, speed, beauty and power. (No picture as I was moving too fast!!)  I loved driving this beauty of a beast.  Give a boy a fast toy and what will he do?  Go as fast as I can!  Any faster and I would need racing gloves, helmet and goggles.  These Craftsman Professional mowers are fast and stable.  I did donuts at full speed on wet asphalt.  There was only very very minimal roll and no skidding. The mower deck is mounted with three pull pins and is easy to attach or take off.  It is all mounted such that stepping on it is perfectly acceptable.  The mower deck comes with a gardenia quick disconnect for your hose.  This attaches to the mower deck to wash the underside while it is running.  This cleans it just like your dishwasher washes your dishes.  The hydrostatic transmission is so easy to use but the best part is that when it is in neutral the brakes are automatically on.  This allows you to to get off and on quickly to pick up debris or move the lazy dog on the lawn.  This was the most fun I have had on a lawn mower.

The Craftsman lawn tractors have all the features of the Craftsman professional I liked the model with the cast iron front axle.  It is more durable and has a longer life.  The hydrostatic transmission, turf tires, neutral brake and washer for the deck make this the mower of choice for yards of an acre or so.  It just not as fast as the fast track models.  The Craftsman rear mounted engine model riding mower is a dream to drive.  The seat like all the craftsman mower seats are adjustable but his one has the best lumbar support.  The steering wheel is small and easy to grip.  With no engine or hood in front the visibility is the best.  The hydrostatic transmission makes this the easiest riding mower to hop on and off.  The machine is designed to go through gates with just a 30 inch wide mower deck.  Each of these models have right turn technology making them the best to go tightly around trees and similar objects without having to stop and back up all the time. For smaller large properties this model is the Cat's pyjama's (What aisle are they in?)

The walk behind Craftsman Eco Lawn mower have the over-sized wheels for better rolling but was most impressive was the fact that right out of the box after attaching the handle and adding tho oil then the gas the Craftman Eco Mower started on the first pull.  This Craftsman is the easiest pull start mower I have ever experienced.  The Briggs and Straton engines with the hotter spark plugs are more efficient and pollute the air less.  To make sure you are getting these models, always look for the green gas cap with no hole in them.  This reduces the evaporative emission of the gas tank.  I have never liked the self-propelled mowers.  They force you to walk too fast or too slow, the Eco Lawnmowers have an easy double squeeze handles that you squeeze to regulate your traveling speed.  Each Craftsman Eco Walk behind Lawn mower like their Big Brothers have a deck wash port to wash the underside of the mower deck.  The port on these models just thread on to your garden hose threaded end. Simple!
There are more models and accessories available but most importantly please pick the model that best suits your budget and your needs.  For those of you with the budget and need for boy toys get the zero turn technology Craftsman mowers.

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