Saturday, May 14, 2011

Malcolmson Eco Park Plant Sale, May 14 & 28, 2011

* Malcomson Eco-Park is a 36-acre park in St. Catharines, main entrance
on Lakeshore Road opposite the north end of Niagara Street, near Lock
One of the Welland Canal.

* The Friends of Malcomson Eco-Park are managing the park along with the
city's parks department, working to establish Ontario prairie plants in
the 6-acre open area, and a Carolinian forest in the remainder.

* To help raise funds for our operations, we hold a series of plant
sales every spring. One has already occurred on April 30th; two more are
scheduled on Saturday May 14th 8 AM to noon, and on Saturday
May 28th 9 AM till noon. Sales are held in the greenhouse enclosure at
the southeast corner of the parking lot by the main entrance.

* We offer a wide selection of potted wildflowers (most at $5) with some
grasses and pond plants, plus potted shrubs and trees (trees mostly at

For example we have butterflyweed and swamp milkweed, boneset and
Joe-Pye-weed, three species of silphiums (cup plant, compass plant and
prairie dock), three species of mountain mints, wild bergamot, marsh
marigold, wild ginger, red and white trilliums, and many more.

This year we have especially good deals on spicebush ($5) and small 40
cm white pines ($4). We have ironwood and chinquapin oak (a good yard
tree with edible acorns, especially for dry soils), among others.

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