Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Miracle-Gro Complete Guide to Orchids - Book Review

Miracle-Gro Complete Guide to Orchids is a pleasant surprise. It is so good! The basics are well covered and accompanied with excellent pictures that are marked so that you can go back and forth from text to picture until you are completely familiar with the concepts. The sections on temperature, light and water are so good that I could have used this book when I was teaching Indoor Plants at Niagara College. The section on insects, diseases environmental problems are so easy to understand because of the matching colour pictures. Every section of this book is exemplary. The encyclopedia of orchids is no exception. The information is good, concise and with colour pictures as an example of the many different orchids you can review their needs before you purchase them. This alone will allow you to be more successful with growing orchids. This book will save you money and a lot of disappointment at $23.95 CDN/$19.95 US it is even less than the cost of one orchid. This book is truly a bargain.

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