Friday, September 20, 2013

Halton Food Swap

On Tuesday, September 10, we drove to the Burlington Library-Central Branch for the Halton Food Swap.

What is a Food Swap? you ask.  It's kind of like a Christmas Cookie Exchange, but with all kinds of food, -- everything you bring MUST be either foraged, grown, or made by YOU!!  

We arrived around 7 pm & there was already quite a few people there, the event was free but you had to register online at Eventbrite as there was a 25 limit for swappers.  I think by the end of the night there were about 22 swappers with all different kinds of food to swap.  

We set up our items to swap on the table, filled out the forms of what the item was, how to use it & what the ingredients are.  

This is the pile of dishcloths DD made for the swap.
DD's Dishcloths to swap
We were then free to walk around the tables and see what everyone else had to swap.  You then put your name down beside what you want & what you would like to swap it for. 

DD's Swap Form filled out
After mingling & seeing what you would like, the serious swapping begins. 

We came home with, herbs, carrot soap, 5 packages of gluten free cookies, Apple Jam, Rainbow Swiss Chard, Yellow tomato sauce, frozen tomato soup that I just added light cream to & boy it was delicious.  It did not last long.  Also had a little bite to it!  Michelle also put some pears in the trunk of my car & I made Pear Juice with them a couple of day later.  All in all a very successful night! 

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