Thursday, September 19, 2013

Grandmother's Golden Relish

The 'Grandmother's Golden Relish' in the book Bernardin Complete Book of Home Preserving has piqued my interest.  I was at Golda's Kitchen a few weeks ago & came across some Clearjel so picked it up.  This recipe calls for Clearjel & I have had a hard time finding it.  Cornstarch is NOT stable for home preserving, you have to use Clearjel. 

The field cucumbers & the red & green pepper were chopped, mixed together, covered and set aside for 12 hours or overnight.  I elected to leave them overnight and start the canning process in the morning.

Spices getting to a boil
Cucumber mixture added to the spice mixture.  Looking Yummy!!
Finished 'Grandmother's Golden Relish'
'Grandmother's Golden Relish'
Bruce tried the Golden Relish at dinner time & finished it off.  I think this one is a definite winner!!  Must make more next year.  I am sure this will not last long.

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