Friday, September 6, 2013

Canning Palooza - Part 1

Canning Palooza started with a gift of a 3L basket of blackberries that were quickly turned into Blackberry Jelly.  It was very yummy!!

Blackberry Jelly

After the blackberries, I bought a master case of Red Haven Peaches and processed them into jars for the winter.  Bruce & the girls love peaches for lunch. 

Peaches waiting in the 'Fresh Fruit' solution to be peeled.
My Canning Buddy Peeling the Peaches
Peaches waiting to be jarred and canned.
Peaches in Jars
Canner on the Stove
Red Haven Peaches
Red Haven Peaches & Peach Juice
The peach juice was from the peach peelings.  I boiled them in the light syrup I had left from canning & then strained the liquid through a jelly bag & got peach liquid.  It will make a nice addition to smoothies in the winter.

Next was a bushel of 'Marianna' Tomatoes for Basic Tomato sauce.  There was a message the bushel I ordered was ready to be picked up.

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