Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Tomatoes, They Are A Coming!

Tomato season is a coming!!  I can hardly wait.  We love tomatoes and it looks like we are going to have an abundance!

This is the Power Pops tomatoes in a container with lots of flowers.  This is the variety that grows 9 inches tall but 3 feet wide.  This is why we put them on the deck.  They are going to cascade down hopefully!

Power Pops tomatoes
Power Pops tomatoes loaded with cherry tomatoes

This is the other cherry tomato 'Cherry Punch'.  This one will grow 24 inches tall and 3 feet wide.  Hopefully it will cascade down the deck as well.

Cherry Punch tomatoes
Cherry Punch tomatoes with lots of flowers

This is our vegetable garden.  Actually it could be called our 'Tomato Garden' as what is in this vegetable garden is mostly tomatoes.  Can you tell we love tomatoes!

Our vegetable garden

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