Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Ripley's Aquarium of Canada

A few weeks ago we boarded one of those coach lines for a trip to Toronto to go to Ripley's Aquarium of Canada.  It was great to be chauffeured.  Boarding the bus on a early Saturday morning meant that Bruce had to pre-record the Open-Line Garden Show.  Actually we listened to the show as when we were on the bus.

Here is some photos of the fish we saw. 

One Dead Fish on display
Lots & Lots of fish!
A school of fish

Huge Lobster

Spiny Sea Urchin
Starfish stuck to the glass.

Giant Turtle

This is a really neat perspective.  We actually walked in a clear glass tunnel & all the fish were swimming on either side and overhead of us.  We were standing on a moving sidewalk.
Shark overhead.

Stingray overhead
Looks like a brain!

Up close and personal!

Another tunnel, this time you had to crawl through.

These guys you could pet in a shallow pool

Zebra fish, not sure if that's its real name.
Seahorses hiding among the leaves
Seahorse that looks like floating debris
This fish was actually on dry land.  It was actually a FISH!
This is what you would see if you were in a submarine.

School of Piranha
Polka dot Stingray

They stingrays were huge.
Cool jellyfish

 This is the life support system.  It is really huge.  Everything had to be just right. 

Another Stingray
After going through the aquarium we walked along Front Street and had lunch at the Loose Moose. We boarded the bus outside the Loose Moose after lunch for the drive back to St. Catharines, arriving back in the city around 3pm.  All in all a wonderful day.  I highly recommend Ripley's Aquarium of Canada but a word of advice--Get there early, it gets VERY busy!!

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