Friday, June 13, 2014

Planting Day

Planting day this year was Mother's Day weekend.  We planted the vegetable garden as well as the containers.  We mostly plant in containers as you can move them around the patio and garden.  This year the tomatoes we planted from Presidents Choice are Mighty Mato Big Beef, Mighty Mato Tiger Blush, Mighty Mato Ultra Sweet, Mighty Mato Fireworks, Mighty Mato Indigo Rose, & Candy Red as well as Kapelo Peppers.  Then we went to Sunshine Express and bought 2 red cherry tomatoes, one Cherry Punch & the other Power Pops both indeterminate, they grow 3 feet wide.  We decided to put them into containers and then on the deck as they can cascade down.  We also got a yellow cherry tomato Sun Sugar from Rice Road Greenhouses.

One planting, one supervising!
Exempted from planting, she had to make dinner!!
The Hired Help
Both of the Hired Help
Planting one of the containers
The containers lined up ready to be moved to the patio
Containers planted and lined up, ready for the patio
One planting, one supervising
Rolling up the sleeves to plant.
Making her work planting containers as well.
Planting containers
Containers ready to be planted
Gardenia in full leaf, that was wintered in an unheated attached garage.
This is the indeterminate tomato that only grows 24 inches or 9 inches high.  I never thought of a tomato growing indeterminate WIDE.  This one will get approx 3 feet wide.  Have put it on the deck and it can cascade down.  Will be interesting.

Cherry Punch or Power Pops tomato

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