Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Put em Up! - Book Review

Put em Up! by Sherri Brooks Vinton

In food preparation section their equipment and step by step instructions with illustrations

Then it goes into 'Food Preservation Methods, Equipment, Key ingredients, Process & Storage with step by step illustrations

There is also a chapter "Things That Will Surely Get You Into Trouble'  That's the rules to follow! &
"Things That Look Bad but Aren't Dangerous"  Good chapters to read for the rules to follow.

Then you get into the recipes.  The recipes are grouped together by the produce you want to so something with.  If you have berries, look for the berry section, asparagus - asparagus section.

I used the recipe 'Peach Leather' pg 229 for making leather in the oven.  It turned out absolutely wonderful.  Did take a bit longer to dry than stated but then I had my leather a little thicker than recommended.

This book also has recipes for making jam with Pomona's Universal Pectin which I really like as you use way less sugar than the conventional pectin.

I definitely want to try 'Any Berry Coulis' (pronounced Koo-Lee) for all those berries we don't get to eat.  This will probably be next year.

For those of you that like things HOT they have a section of Chilies & the first recipe is 'Red Hot Vodka' - This infused vodka is firewater indeed - Try it if you dare - Not me thanks!

The Chinese Plum Sauce brags "Be prepared for this condiment to become your new ketchup"

Roasted Pepper Ketchup - Dollop it on a burger or dunk fries into it & set a new standard for BBQ's

Definitely a book for my cookbook library!

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