Friday, August 16, 2013

Mighty Mato Tomatoes

We love tomatoes & Bruce is very particular when it comes to what tomatoes he plants in our vegetable garden.  He like early & mid season ripening tomatoes.  Well this year I have an appreciation for why.  At this time of year we are usually overwhelmed with tomatoes and eating them as fast as they are ripening.  This year we have mostly late ripening tomatoes & while we have been eating them for the last 3 weeks we are definitely NOT overwhelmed.  The tomatoes we planted this year were mainly Mighty Mato the varieties are Bumblebee Purple which is a small red cherry with stripes, Indigo Apple which is a red with purple shoulders, Big Beef & Brandywine.  All are later ripening varieties.  The only variety we planted that are not Mighty Mato is Golden Honey Bunch which is a small yellow cherry tomato.

Golden Honey Bunch Tomatoes
Golden Honey Bunch Tomatoes
Mighty Mato Bumblebee Purple
Mighty Mato Bumblebee Purple
Mighty Mato Indigo Apple Tomato ripening on the vine

Mighty Mato Indigo Apple tomatoes
Mighty Mato Big Beef
Mighty Mato Big Beef
Mighty Mato Brandywine
Mighty Mato Big Beef, Golden Honey Bunch,
Mighty Mato Bumblebee Purple & Indigo Apple tomatoes
RedStart Peppers
 RedStart Pepper
DD#1 & I love Swiss Chard, Bruce & DD#2 do not really like it.  In desperation this year I tented the Swiss Chard with Remay cloth to guard against the Leaf Miner.  Last year we did not have much of a crop as they decimated our Swiss Chard.  The Swiss Chard looks really good under the cloth.  Time to harvest and eat!!

Swiss Chard tented with Remay Cloth.

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