Monday, August 19, 2013

McMichael Collection

In July we went to the McMichael Collection in Kleinburg.  After visiting all the galleries with the different exhibitions we looked at the sculptures on the grounds.

Polar Bear, 1967
Pauta Saila 1916-2009
Shibagau Shard, 1989
Bill Vazan

lichen, 1998
Mary Anne Barkhouse
Michael Belmore

This is the cemetery where the Group of Seven are buried along with the McMichaels.  Headstones are around the perimeter of the area.


Sculpture Garden
Ivan Eyre-a Winnipeg-based artist

Beach Moment, 2010
Icon North, 2010

Bird Wrap, 2010

Yell, 2010
Dream South, 2010
Sun Gown, 2010

When we had finished looking through the McMichael Gallery, we hit the gift store.  The girls decided they wanted some souvenirs of their visit.  This is what they bought. 
Hummingbird Mug & Aluminum Art - Loon & Seal
Aluminum Art - Seal
We left the McMichael Gallery & headed towards home and stopped at Golda's Kitchen.  This store is dangerous when it comes to kitchen utensils.  You want it, they have got it.  I went for citric acid for canning tomatoes.  While I was there I bought Clearjel as well as I want to can soups and cornstarch is not stable for canning.  I have not seen Clearjel in Canada so when I saw it there I bought it. 

Shells for tortillas
Citric Acid for canning tomatoes
Clearjel Starch
for canning
The girls wanted to go to the Disney Store so we also stopped at Mississauga Square One.  David's Tea is there as well so that was another stop.  I was not impressed with the Disney Store.  It has gone downhill when it comes to good quality Disney brand purchases.  The girls did buy mugs which they really liked.  I can see a lot of latte's in their future.

Mickey Mouse & Minnie Mouse mugs
The plastic bags the Disney Store uses.
To end the day, we stopped at Off The Hook in Stoney Creek for gluten free fish n chips.  We love their fish n chips.  Tastes like the real thing & they have a dedicated fryer so there is no chance of cross-contamination.  The girls were impressed as well & have decided that we have to go back again.  All in all a great day!

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