Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Succulent Container Gardens -- Book Review

Succulent Container Gardens by Debra Lee Baldwin. This book both inspires and excites my old jaded gardening soul. The photographs are full colour, accurate and numerous. The how to create the different containers is also covered. This book is so inspiring, my daughter keeps hiding it on me because she wants it. She also wishes to steal one of her mother's ceramic dishes to create a succulent garden. I also sell the topiary teapot on page 180 she is insisting I buy her, so she can plant it with succulents. I want to do the topiary pyramid on page 181. My youngest daughter saw the topiary succulent dog and now wants to do a walking cat of succulents. This book has the whole family ready to do succulent container gardening.

Dad says it inspires his old gardeners soul, well it inspires my newly minted one as well. I like all the information that this book provides because Dad doesn't always explain what he is doing or why. What comes to mind is the cobbler's children going shoeless. There are many pictures of succulents and lots of inspiration in it's pages. We have already planned a trip to the succulent greenhouse to get some for the ceramic pot of Mum's that is empty. I will also have a hand in that topiary pyramid, sticking in what we decide will be the annual succulents. Oh and for the record and posterity. It is MY book!!

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