Monday, March 29, 2010

Sarritor(R) Biological Lawn Weed Killer Now Available for Home Use

Sarritor(R) Biological Lawn Weed Killer - the first biological, 100% natural (non-chemical), selective lawn weed killer to control dandelions, clover and plantain in turf without harming the lawn is NOW available at leading garden centres and retail stores for home owner application. Sarritor is compliant with all municipal by-laws & is also compliant with the Ontario Pesticide Law.

How does it work? The active ingredient of Sarritor is a naturally occurring fungus. The fungus is coated on a dry granular carrier that can be applied directly on a broadleaf weed. The fungus is activated by moisture and works best when temperature is between 18 and 24 degrees C. It grows naturally in the week and absorbs the plant issues until the weed is completely gone. Once the weed is gone, the fungus dies and no residuals are left.

Now there is an environmentally safe alternative to selective chemical herbicides that have been banned. Sarritor is a natural & organic product based on the Sclerotinia Minor technology that was developed by Dr. Alan Watson of McGill University. Sarritor can control dandelions and other broad leaf weeds in turf without harming surrounding grass by using a fungus that is a natural enemy of weeds. The 100% natural & organic product is non-toxic, does not produce spores, is neutral in the environment and is indigenous to Canada. One applied, the product kills the weed and disappears.

Sarritor comes in a handy shaker dispenser bottle. The bottle is designed to dispense the correct dose with each application. One dose per dandelion is all it takes! The bottle contains enough Sarritor to treat 750 dandelions.
  • Apply in the spring or fall when daytime highs are less than 24 degrees C.
  • Needs rain or irrigation within 12 hours of application to activate.
Use within 1 week of purchase. Refrigeration not required.

Sarritor is available at Home Depot

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