Thursday, March 25, 2010

41st Annual Niagara College 'In Your Backyard' Open House

We were at the 41st Annual Niagara College 'In Your Backyard' Open House the weekend of March 20-21. It was an absolute HUGE success. Listeners now know Bruce is on 105.1 The River!! We also had a great time. We were in the Plant A Row booth in the Marketplace that was situated in the cafeteria.

There were many vendors including Discovery Toys, St. Catharines Green Committee, Deb's Designs, Trails End, Ontario Horticultural Association, Pelham Horticultural Society, St. Catharines Horticultural Society, Niagara Falls Horticultural Society, Lincoln Garden Club & Horticultural Society, Grimsby Horticultural Society, Welland Horticultural Society, Bonsai Society, The Pampered Chef, Smart Gardening, Eli's Body Care, The Natural Way Plant Products, Handcrafted Woodturnings, Utopia Woodturning, Mary Kay, Jelly Boys, to name a few as well as my absolute favourite Arvindas.

The Niagara College Culinary Institute was open as well & the students made bread. Absolutely delicious - Sourdough, Multigrain & Vienna. We definitely took a few home with us.

The Horticultural students had their displays along the walkway heading towards the Culinary Institute. It is always interesting to see their displays & what the subject is.

Looking forward to the 42nd Annual Niagara College 'In Your Backyard' Open House in 2011.

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