Thursday, April 10, 2014

The How Can It Be Gluten Free Cookbook -- Book Review

The How Can It Be Gluten Free Cookbook by America's Test Kitchen.


Wow!  When I bought this book I didn't know the controversy that swirled around it.  I was just pleased that America's Test Kitchen had published a gluten free cookbook.  I have loved the other America's Test Kitchen cookbooks as they are recipes that I know will work.

I started to read the preface, & this is how it reads "Let me start with the sad truth.  The vast majority of gluten-free recipes either do not work or the results are so second-rate that you would be hard-pressed to eat them.  Muffins are gritty and crumbly.  Cookies spread all over the baking sheet.  Cakes are dense, gummy, and overly sweet.  Pizza crusts are cracker-like.  And, in general, baked goods are greasy."  Wow!  what a way to start the tone of the book.  My family was diagnosed just under 2 years ago & since that time we have had some rather tasty gluten free baking as well as meals.  Yes, I have had failures as well but that is all part and parcel of gluten free baking, you are learning to bake all over again.  I have found you cannot just substitute gluten free flour for regular flour.  I also have some great gluten free books in my cookbook library that I have used regularly & these books were published before this one.

I will be trying some of these recipes to see how they work out.  I have perused the ingredients of some recipes and may have to go to the US to get those ingredients.  Thankfully I live close to the US border - Wegmans here I come!    Bruce has been eyeing the Pumpkin Pie & for DD#2 it is the Deep-Dish Apple Pie, she doesn't like pumpkin pie.  I have not found a gluten free pie that likes me so we will see how these ones go.  It is the pastry that gets me. 

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