Sunday, February 10, 2013

Update to Snowmageddon

Official total of Snowfall in 24 hours:  30 cm = 12 inches.  That's the most snow we have had since 1984 - 29 years ago.  St. Catharines bore the brunt of this snowstorm.

Nessie is completely buried now except for her Santa hat.

This rhodo is our meteorologist.  We do take into consideration what the weatherman says but most times we take a look outside the front door to see how the rhodo looks.  Our names for him are either "Perky MacPerkerton" or "Droopy MacDrooperton".  Either way we know how to dress for the day.  He has never been wrong!!


Our street - unplowed
 Getting up this morning, I noticed the street has been plowed.  Now I need to shovel the end of the driveway otherwise we are not getting out this morning.

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