Monday, October 8, 2012

What's Blooming in the Garden in October?

So what's blooming in the garden in October for Thanksgiving?

This hardy cyclamen is what Bruce calls a Volunteer.  It self-seeded itself beside the pool.  Bruce likes free plants.

This sunshine impatien is Mango.  I love the colour & it is still blooming!!

Another container plant that's blooming is the new fuschia.  This one is a day-neutral fuschia from PC Garden Centres.  Day-neutral meaning is does not depend on the length of day to bloom.  Has been blooming all of the summer!

Another day-neutral Fuschia from PC Garden Centres.  This one has been blooming all summer as well.

This is verbena & calibrachoa which was bought as a ready-made container.  It was ok this summer.  I prefer more colour!

I love this clematis.  It is planted in a container & are winter hardy if they are heeled into the garden before the ground freezes up.  They have bloomed most of the summer.

This echinacea is one of the sunrises.  Cannot remember the exact name.  Echinacea's are ok.

I do like this combination of plants against the south side of our house.  The snapdragons in the background are volunteers as well.  They are here when we bought the house, we got rid of them & have had them ever since.

Potentilla 'Spring Beauty Pink'

Lovely miniature rose.

Another part of the garden I really love.  The 7-8 foot side gate has variegated Hedera colchica growing over it. 

More hardy cyclamen, this time growing up between English ivy.

PC Zonal Geraniums in a container.

PC Hibiscus Tricolour with the twisted braided stem.  Has been blooming most of the summer & beautiful large blooms. 

Another view of the PC Hibiscus Tricolour. 

Suncatcher Pink Lemonade Petunia.  Bruce likes these.  The jury is still out for me.  I still think they look chloritic but they are growing on me.

Hardy Orange tree.  It has been in our backyard facing south for the past 23 years & is about 10-12 feet across and 12 feet tall.  Definitely not small.

The last of our tomatoes Golden Honey Bunch from PC Garden Centres.  Nice cherry tomatoes that when you have consistent moisture do not crack. 


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