Monday, July 9, 2012

Fiskars Cut+More Scissors

is a global supplier of consumer products.  The company was started in 1649, so when I say I like reliable, dependable, practical and long lasting, I am not just talking about their tools, it is the company as well.  One of the many Fiskars tools that impress me is their new garden scissors.  There is no gardener in the world that would not find a practical use for the Cut+More Scissors.  First they come apart for easy cleaning and sharpening.  The single coated side of these scissor acts as a knife or a pointed awl.  Whether separate or assembled with its other half it has a twine cutter.  The coated blade is a knife on one side which at the handle end is serrated, the other side of the black side is a curved scissor blade, that when put together captures and cuts woodier stems.  These scissors also contain a wire cutter and tape cutter.  It also has the all important bottle opener for when I sit back with a Stella and admire my handy work.  Should you ever dull the stainless steel blades it comes with its own sharpener built into its black protective sheath.  The thought and design of the Fiskars Cut+More Scissors is indicative of why this company has been around so long and will continue to do so.


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