Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The Tale of the Tilley Endurable Hat

The Well-Loved Tilley!
Bruce loves his Tilley Endurable Hat.  He bought it 20+ years ago when he first started at CKTB 610AM.  He wanted it for gardening so bought one with the widest brim & green underneath to cut down on the glare.  I can remember thinking it was an outrageous price to pay for a hat, but he wanted it so he got it.  Well that Tilley hat has served him well!!  He has worn it continuously when gardening and also while doing other jobs around the yard.  The other day I washed his Tilley hat on gentle washer cycle as I have done many times & when it came out of the washer the top was shredded.  My question to Bruce when I picked him up from work was "How much do you love your Tilley Hat?"  His immediate response was "Why?"  Well I washed it and it is not quite the same, the top shredded.  He was not amused!!  A few emails later to Tilley Endurables & it was couriered to Tilley Endurables in Don Mills.  Bruce had to have a tracking number so he could make sure they received it.  Within a week the Tilley box arrived at our door.  Inside the box was a brand spanking new Tilley hat. 

The brand spanking new Tilley!!
 Bruce loves his new Tilley hat.  It still has to be broken in but he put it on and went out and did some deadheading.  This Tilley hat is on it's way to becoming just as well loved.

Doesn't he look dapper!!
Here is Bruce trying out his new Tilley hat while deadheading.


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