Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Sugarsnaps and Strawberries -- Book Review


Sugar Snaps and Strawberries by Andrea Bellamy is the worst named book I can remember.  With that being said, it is an excellent book for small space gardening.  It illustrates that almost any space can be a productive space.

Growing food locally has become a trend that all long term gardeners have always known, done and benefited from.  My family has never not known fresh home grown vegetables.  In our case we have reduced what we grow to our favourites, swiss chard, red onions, carrots and lots and lots of many different kinds of tomatoes.

This book recommends seed bombing.  Please be very careful as the land is private property, the police and neighbours are not that knowledgeable, but most importantly what you are seeding can be considered invasive species or not native to the local environment.

The building of raised planters is excellent.  The section on soil gives you all the good basics but I do not use food waste in my composter because it can attract animals.  The section on garden maintenance has all the basic, the vegetable section with instructions on each vegetable is good.

Buy this book if you are a beginning gardener or any gardener who needs help with difficult or unproductive spaces of any size.

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