Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Containers - June 2011

 You can do a lot with containers!!
& they can be moved!!

Area beside the swing with the patio dining area behind

 Ball Horticultural New Improved Wave Petunias.  
We overplanted the pot but don't they look great!!

Sunflowers planted in pots
Varieties:  Van Gogh, Valentine & Music Box

 Container of Cordaline & Gerberas
PC Gigantico

 Container of Coleus - PC Gigantico
Marigolds - Ball Horticultural

Angelonia - Ball Horticultural
I love this plant in a container!

 Cordaline - PC Gigantico
Gryphon Begonia hybrida - Ball Horticultural

Collection of containers beside a sitting area.

Caught Bruce pruning something in the garden!!

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