Friday, September 17, 2010

Fence Armor -- Product Review

Wow, just found a great product. We were at the Landscape Ontario Golden Horseshoe Chapter Chicken Roast last night & there are always door prizes as well as raffle ticket prizes. On the door prize table were boxes of Fence Armor. The girls were told if their number was called for a door prize they were to pick up a box of Fence Armor. Well guess what? DD#2's door prize number was called, & yes she did pick up a box of Fence Armor. I don't think the Sales Rep had seen anyone more excited about this product Fence Armor!

What is Fence Armor, you ask? Well the wording on the box says it all - Protect your fence posts from damage caused by powered edgers. This is especially good when you back onto a city park. When the city workers weed whip around the perimeter of the park, guess what gets damaged, our wooden fence posts. Yes, we have been told by the Horticultural Technician of the Parks & Recreation department that the city workers are not to weed whip the fence posts but here is the damage done to a block of wood protecting some of the fence post. We have just finished replacing the fence post this block of wood was protecting, it rotted out & the weed whipping of the post did not help. This product is definitely going to help!

The Fence Armor is very easy to install.  Fencing nails are not included in the Fence Armor kit. For best results stain or water proof untreated posts before installing Fence Armor. Fence Armor is also a Canadian company.

Fence Armor is a
vailable at many Canadian Tire, Home Hardware outlets and also at A listing of where to buy Fence Armor is here. (scroll down to the bottom of the page)

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