Saturday, July 31, 2010

Vegetable Garden 2010

These are some of the varieties of tomatoes in our garden.

Ultra Sweet

This is a nice red tomato. Sweet.

Carolina Gold

Carolina Gold is delicious. Really sweet. Our substitute for Husky Gold as we cannot find these transplants. I prefer transplants.

Sarah Black Tomatoes

These Sarah Black tomatoes are a Heirloom Tomato. They have that wonderful old-fashioned taste. They are absolutely wonderful. Ours do have green shoulders but we just cut it off. We bought the Sarah Black transplants from Tree & Twig

Kapelo Pepper

These peppers are delicious. Bruce eats these pepper raw and he is not eat raw peppers. If he does eat peppers raw, he has to drown it in dip. These ones he didn't. They are that sweet. Also Daughter #1 loves these peppers as well & she doesn't like peppers as well. That's a good testimony for this pepper.

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