Thursday, January 28, 2010

Fiesta - New Organic Selective Herbicide

Fiesta is an organic selective herbicide for broadleaf weeds in your lawn. Fiesta is based on iron chelate. It can be tank mixed but requires no tank agitation to keep it mixed. It can be applied mixed with a water soluble fertilizer but at this point this is still not tested.

Fiesta is abrasive to metals so do not use metal spray tanks. Your nozzles should be brass or stainless steel. After prolonged or extended use check your equipment for wear. 1 litre of mix does 1345 square feet, 1 gal of concentrate will cover 5,068 square feet.

You can apply Fiesta to your lawn as soon as temperatures reach 10-15 degrees C and even at these temperatures it can kill in one day. You can continue to apply Fiesta at temperatures up to 30 degrees C. Above 30 degrees C Fiesta will burn your grass. Fiesta will turn your lawn thatch black especially at temperatures above 30 degrees C. Storage is above freezing and below 30 degrees C.

Fiesta will be available in Canada in March 2010 but no distribution is set yet. In the USA I have heard that Scott's MiracleGro owns the rights for 2010.

UPDATE: March 19, 2010
Because of the red tape paperwork, Fiesta will not be available until May 2010. There is plenty of stock, no pricing is available. They believe that Fiesta will be available for both commercial & homeowner use.

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